The Page from a Diary section makes it easy to open conversations about some "hard to start' topics by using the words of others. It includes heartfelt remarks by real kids (maybe yours?) that offer discussion openers about topics such as stress, school, family problems, sex and sexuality, gender identification, racial slurs and discrimination, violence, the media, teasing, bullying, cyberbullying, body image, drinking, drugs, healthy relationships, unhealthy relationships, rape, pregnancy, money and privilege and lack of it, hope for the future, and more.

Are American teenagers really better off than their third world counterparts? An American teenage lifestyle seems much more idealistic than that of third world country adolescents. However, growing up in modern day American society is a formidable obstacle and no joy ride. Pressure is everywhere. Whether it is peer, parent, or even self-inflicted pressure, it has a major impact on teenage life. Every kid is trying to reach higher and higher because of expectations placed upon them. These expectations can take many forms including being valedictorian, football quarterback, or fitting into a size zero pair of jeans. 

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