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How COVID-19 has changed my behavior

I think that I am just as afraid of it now as I was a few months ago. The fear was/is not about myself, but about my parents. I believed and believe that I will likely be fine if I get it, but I cannot say the same for my parents. I still wear masks whenever I go to a public space. In fact, I tried to wear a mask while running once and I would’ve kept doing that, bar the issue of me not being able to breathe. One other thing that I’ve noticed is that since I spend so much of my time in my room, I’ve found that it is easier to lose sense of time. I can keep my room artificially lit or artificially dark whenever I want and this really screws up my brain sometimes. I’ll be staring at a brightly lit screen at 1 in the morning and have this sense that it is still bright outside until I open my window and find that it is pitch black outside. It’s not a healthy lifestyle that I’m currently living.


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