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It’s like we are never good enough to be who we really are.

We are constantly being pressured to compete. My life is filled with other people’s expectations of me to be the best… the best student, the best athlete, the wonderful daughter, the good friend. Then their expectations become my own. I feel like I am never good enough.

An American teenage lifestyle seems idealistic, but growing up in modern day American society is no joy ride. Pressure is every-where, and as the pressure rises, so does the stress. Whether it is peer, parent, or even just the pressure we put on ourselves, it has a major impact. Every kid is trying to reach higher and higher expectations, like thinking you should be the class valedictorian, the star of the basketball team, or fitting into a size zero pair of jeans. How did the standard go from trying your best to being (what someone thinks is) perfect?”

- Excerpt from the book | What I Wish You Knew Conversations


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