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Years ago, child, I could dance.

With long, lean legs, boy could I dance!

I’d put a whole audience into a trance.

I began to learn at age three.

Seems odd to teach anything at three,

But even then, it made me feel so free.

I danced through everyday of school

My mother wished I’d care more for school

She said I’d turn out a bumbling fool.

I learned medicine, danced on the side

Threw my childhood hopes aside

Being a doctor became my new pride.

Started a family, it didn’t take long to grow old.

I never thought I’d ever grow old.

My ballet shoes are long since sold.

But I still wonder what I might’ve been like

Poor and free to do what I’d like

I bet you I would’ve been quite the sight.

I’m telling you this, little one.

Because when you’re older, little one,

I think you’d make a good doctor.

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