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What I Wish You Knew Conversations is a resource intended to help families communicate better by having frequent conversations. Too often, an opportunity to get to know more about one another turns in quesions that are answered in monosyllables.

"How was your day?"



 Let’s Talk offers deceptively simple starters that are sure to initiate dialogue. An easy and effective way to get to know one other better. is by discussing, the quotations, the news or pages from diaries that are presented..Choose an issue that interests either of you, ask "What do you think of this?" and listen as if you were talking about an image on a Rorshcach test. The goal is not to have the same opinion, but simply to develop the habit of communicating one another's thoughts and opinions. Just talking like this regularly makes it easier to support one another during challenging times. 

.The  accompanying book,for parents and teens was  created in honor of Judy Krizmanic Weingarten, a young mother who died far too young of cancer. Judy was a gifted writer and was exceptionally aware of the importance and value of communication. Her illness and death necessitated many difficult conversations. Our purpose is to encourage and facilitate sharing one's thoughts and feelings in families, schools, therapeutic settings and everywhere communication is important. Proceeds from the sale of the book are donated  to organizations that support families through challenging times