What I Wish You Knew CONVERSATIONS is a resource to help people of all ages communicate better, to spend more time talking with others, not about them. A variety of issues are presented to help initiate discussions so that opportunities to share don't turn into quesions that are answered in monosyllables like this,

"How are you doing?"     "OK"     "Good"


"How was your day?"        "Fine".        "Great".

 Let’s Talk consists of deceptively simple "starters" that are meant to initiate real dialogue. Begin by discussing talking points that are presented in Conversation Starters Page from a Diary  or The News.

Frequent short conversations about some of the topics that are brought up offer experience in just talking together, and will make it easier to begin to share our own thoughts about more personal issues. 

Choose a topic that interests you, Ask someone, "What do you think of this?" and listen as if you were talking about an image on a Rorschach test.

The goal is not to have the same opinion. The intention here is to simply develop the habit of communicating frequently, getting to know people in our lives better and, hopefully, deepen relationships.

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