Donations and Links to Resources

Each month we make a donation to an organization that supports families through challenging times. 

Click on the logo beneath each donation below to learn about the organization and to have the opportunity to make your own donation. 

We invite students, family members, teachers and other professionals to select a cause that has meaning to them. 

If you would like to choose something that might be a good resource for families, please Contact Us and let us know.


Student,  Brandon Huang, chooses Parents as Teachers  to be our organization this month. He writes, "It takes a hero to perform these tasks. Teachers are one of the more heroic groups of people, and these people essentially serve as both teachers and parents.  Not only do they provide early education to parents in their homes, but Parents as Teachers also aspires to help prevent child abuse, neglect, and other potentially bad outcomes that can begin at very young ages. This is why I feel that they need support."


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