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This deceptively simple book is not so simple. See Endorsements below. It addresses some of the stress and anxiety that kids experience. The How to Use this Book and the Starters chapters provide specific directions on how to initiate important conversations about some hard to start subjects. 


Our purpose is to encourage and facilitate sharing one's thoughts and feelings with the people in our lives. 

Like worrying about our pulse, if we often don't pay attention to what is on our children's minds until something is wrong, we will have to pay a lot of attention! Knowing how to communicate now can help prevent possible problems in the future. It is meant to be read by not only parents, but also teachers, school psychologists, social workers, coaches, clergy, neighbors, friends, and anyone who works with or observes children, tweens, or adolescents.

All proceeds are donated to organizations that support families through challenging times. 

 See Resources and Donations.

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