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Dear Kim, Angelique, Gabriel, Victoria, David, Sarah and SO many others,


What I Wish You Knew Conversations would never have happened without you. I was, and continue to be, touched and impressed by your commitment. You gathered to discuss our book and website in dorm rooms and classrooms, in coffee shops and in meetings at my dining room table. You participated in professional workshops in schools, hospitals and libraries. You shared your honest and heartfelt feelings unselfconsciously and gave advice about what parents would benefit from knowing. You taught me the importance of asking good questions. And you will help many other adults realize the importance of taking the time to really listen to their children.

My sincere gratitude to ALL of you for your interest, help, patience and many contributions. Only the first names of students are listed below, but you know who you are!

Abby, Abraham, Al, Alejandro, Alison H, Alison K, Alison M, Amir, Amy Cook, Amy H, Andrew, Angelique, Ann W, Anne P, Anne R., Ayuel, Barbara, Becky, Ben, Beth, Betsy B, Betsy Lane, Bill, Bobbie, Caitlin, Camp Kesem at Northwestern University, Carl, Carol F, Daniel T, Candice, Caroline, Center on Deafness, Charlie, Chelsey, Claire, Colleen, Conner, Dan M, David B, David F, Dave, Dhanya Puram MD, Doug , Elizabeth, Ella Epton, Emily, Erica, Ethan, Frank, Gabriel, Gail, Hands of Peace, Hannah, Harvey, Helene, Hope, Howard, Jack, James, Jan Keller Schultz, LCSW, Jeff, Jenny, Jeremy, Jerry, Jessica, Jill, Jo Hansen, Joanne, John, Jose, Josefine, Josh H, Josh T, Judith Schiffman, LCSW, Judy, Julia, Julie, Kait, Kate Mahoney, LCSW, Katie Smith, Kathy, Kelsey, Ken, Kimberly Weisensee, Kyle, Laura, Lauren, Larry & Marilyn Cohen, Lawyers for the Creative Arts, Lenny, Leo, Leona F, Linda, Lisa B, Lisa I, Lizzy, Luis, Marcia, Magda Walczak, Mariana Glusman, MD, Marilyn, Mark, Marla, Marta Killner, MD, Marcia, Martin, Mental Health America, Michael McVicker, Mike L, Michael N, Mike P, Mike W, Mina P, Monica, Nancy R, Nancy Y, Natalie A, Natalie G, Nell, Nicole, Nikolas, Pat, Patrick, Paul, Peter, Rachel, Robert, Roberta, Ron, Ryan, Safaya, Sam, Samantha T,  Sandy, Sarah, Shira, Stand Up for Kids, Steven, Susan, Tamar, Tom Leavens, Victoria Sandler, MD, Weronika, William, Yama and the countless young people who participate in WorldTeach, started at Harvard and now all over the world.


Never underestimate the impact your participation in this project will have in families.




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