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All I want is to sleep at night

Vs. 1

All I want is to sleep at night

Without thinking about my life tonight

These rumors in the air are like shootings of a flare

It blinds me scared, I’m thinking “Who’s over there?”

I’m losing all my sleep my thoughts are running deep

I’m lying in my bed and counting endless sheep

While the pillows drenched with every drop of sweat

Like a sinner pardoned, but still yet to repent

These lines on my face getting thicker by the hour

Losing my Self when my weakness is my power

Thinking myself to my own self-conceding

Believing the hype when I know I’ve been cheated

Myself my home is bi-cultural intertwined

I’ve been living and complaining doped up on red wine

My lungs filled with air, I can’t take this whole race thing!

It’s driving me to face my own self-complaining

I’m facing days in the same old ways

And checking my birthday to see a different sounding name

Vs. 2

Your childhood’s like this when you’re just a little kid

They treat you like your last name is Bin Laden

They throw your back against the walls and shoved in bathroom stalls

Your family feels the pain when you ignore their birthday calls

I’ve stumbled to my room and shut the door in a blaze

People ticked me off when they told me its phase

Is it true you can’t marry unless it’s arranged?

And that you all worship elephants and snakes?

No my friends I believe in Jesus Christ

The one who died for us the one who gave his life

The one who placed his head in a crown full of thorns

Awoke the sleeping souls from night until the morn

Soldiers live once they die tragic deaths

I’ve died twenty times since I’ve walked my baby steps

Body’s broken and banged my mom’s eyes full of tears

She wiped my fears while spit coated my left ear

Vs 3.

I lived out the city but I’ll tell you this

Neighborhoods can change when new neighbors move in

White Houses and Presidents; First Ladies reside

Watching their green grass compounding every night

Waiting to be seen on the covers of magazine

And living in fantasies they could never achieve

But then a brown seed came decided to move in

The flowers that grew were different colored skin

The pots and soil were starting to get too small

Roots burst into Indians shopping in the malls

Leaves were trimmed accents remain the same

Our talk sounds different but we’re one in the same

The gardens grew flowers bloomed without any class

Drive cabs with hands and handled food stands

But flowers kept blooming and I’ll tell you again

We’ll all move ahead when we stand together as friends


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