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Some days you make me not want to come home. What I wish you knew is that our lives are not as easy as you may think. Home is supposed to be the place where we are accepted and where we can find refuge from the stress of school and the whole outside world. Some days you make me not want to come home. This wears me down. Where do you want me to go?

The fact is that I actually do try in school. It would be nice to get some credit from you, instead of your constantly putting me down for my less than perfect grades. You can’t believe the competition in school. Do you think we can all get into ivy league colleges? Do you think I can?

I also wish you knew about those “friends” of mine that you like so much. You have no idea of the pressure they give me to do certain things that I think you wouldn’t like so much. Kids these days are faced with an ever-increasing amount of tough choices and decisions. It is important for parents to be more nurturing and supportive. The increase in teens’ risky behavior is not just due to chance. Don’t make me not want to come home.


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