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Every year, for my birthday or a special holiday, I ask my family to give whatever they would spend on a gift for me to a charity or organization. There are so many worthy and needy causes, especially this year, that I thought long and hard about this. My choice is Sandy Hook Promise. And this is why.

I can’t stand hearing about the senseless killings. I can't stand the idea of someone walking around with a gun and shooting innocent people with it! We are hearing about another "incident" every single day and I am scared and angry. Kids in schools are experiencing unbelievable anxiety, wondering if their neighborhood or their school is going to be next.

We are not going to cure mental illness in our lifetimes. But if the clearly troubled perpetrators had to use their fists to express their anger and "issues,", we wouldn't be reading about lives lost on street corners, in shopping malls or even in Schools! Elementary school babies at Sandy Hook! The thought of it makes me sick.

This year I want to give to an organization that addresses gun violence. I have learned that David Hogg (Parkland) is now at Harvard & am watching his Never Again MSD (Marjorie Stoneman Douglas) but it’s not rated on Charity Navigator yet. I hope it will be soon. And anything else that can do something about this insane violence.


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