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"I am a teenager and a single parent. I am still in high school. It is hard to study and raise a child at the same time. Any mother will understand this, but they probably have some help and I pretty much don’t have anybody. The baby’s father walked out as soon as he learned I was pregnant and my family just keeps saying how disappointed in me they are. I live in my mother’s house but I am really on my own.

Girls make decisions every day that can affect their life forever, like having sex with a guy to feel loved. They can take disrespect, cheating and even abuse because they think he might change. But he won’t change. I would like to tell all girls not to lose your self esteem. Believe in yourself and don’t let anybody disrespect you.

I could have talked to my mother so many times and didn’t. She wanted me to be a success in life and now I have let her and everybody down. Once I made the honor roll. Now I don’t know if I will even be able to graduate high school."

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