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There is no day that can honestly be described as fine

“There is no day that can honestly be described as fine. ‘Fine’ is usually delivered with the misleading teenage tone of voice that covers uncertainties and insecurities with outrage and anger. The tone of voice that accosts the listener, even in a single word, with the questions, ‘Why are you asking me this? Why don’t you just leave me alone? Do you even really care?”

‘Fine’ is a mask. ‘Fine’ hides a C- on a recent physics test, a heart- stopping smile from the cute boy will the locker across the hall, and a fight with a friend that feels like the end of the world.

‘Fine’ hides the fact that you are scared to death that there could be another school shooting, this time at your school.

Parents and kids may have a lot in common, probably more than either is willing to admit, but growing up today is not the same as it was a generation ago. Our days are a lot more than just FINE.”


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