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What I Wish You Knew Conversations is extremely important because it provides a means by which a parent and child can communicate more easily and more comfortably with each other. It is difficult for parents and teens to talk about subjects that have social, emotional, and conflictual components. You don't have to hit a subject 'head-on' or 'point-blank.' The unique approach of this book, encouraging discussion of the words of a third party, makes many subjects easier to talk about and has the ability to open conversations of substance. Parents and their children are given the opportunity for both listening to and respecting, one another. When teens and parents communicate, they are not only expressing themselves to each other but are given the opportunity to understand the feelings behind the words. This approach is a wonderful idea. What I Wish You Knew Conversations will be extremely helpful for parents who want better communication with their children. It is sure to initiate conversations in families."


The late Robert Gluckman, MD | Emeritus Northwestern University Medical School, American Academy of Child Psychiatry

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