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"I  jumped at the chance to help with this project. I worked on it because it seemed tragic to me that so many teenagers, who more than likely told their parents they were 'fine,' had poured out their hearts for other people to read. Since they had the courage to speak their true thoughts, I wanted to show them that I had heard them, and that I was willing to help them be heard on an even broader scale. Everyone should be heard, even moody teenagers who walk in the door silently, run up to their rooms, and slam the door. I’m sure many of the people that wrote eloquent and passionate essays are teenagers that fit into that mold. 

I have grown up with all of the love, food, clothing, and shelter that anyone could ever need, but I still have days where I want to bury myself under all of the blankets on my bed and never reemerge. I have other days where I want to run through the streets yelling wildly of my happiness and success and I don’t even know why. I am 17 years old and I think the word 'fine' should be outlawed. I am tired of hearing people use it. I am not 'fine.'  I want everyone to know that teenagers may be foolish and stubborn and reckless and surly, but we are definitely more than just 'fine.'"

Student, age 16 

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