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What our students need now is encouragement to imagine themselves on the other side of the pandemic. They need a way to see this time as an opportunity to build a muscle for resilience, inner strength and self-confidence, qualities that will serve them for the rest of their lives. During this unprecedented time they have met some huge obstacles and have experienced major disappointments. This is the sad reality. But life is about change and learning to meet change with flexibility and imagination is the potential gift of living in this moment.  Like it or not, this unprecedented time is woven into the tapestries of our students’ lives. Our task is to help them see that within that tapestry is an inspiring pattern of courage and steadfastness that will make them capable of meeting any challenge in the future.


Carol Triggiano, B.A

Chicago Waldorf School



Carol Triggiano, B.A

For the past 27 years Carol Triggiano has been a teacher at the Chicago Waldorf School. She graduated from National Louis University with a BA in Education and English. She previously taught in Michigan public schools, Sacred Heart Academy and Lake Forest Country Day School. For ten years she was a lecturer/workshop leader on the art of storytelling. She is a graduate of the Arcturus Waldorf Teacher Training Program, where she currently teaches a variety of courses.  Carol taught Early Childhood for three years and then became a grades teacher, where she has ushered through 4 classes of students, some from 1st through 8th, others through middle school. Carol regularly visits other Waldorf Schools as an outside evaluator, lecturer and mentor, including in New Zealand. Carol has served in positions of faculty leadership and on numerous administrative and pedagogical committees.


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