Everyone knows that it's important to keep the lines of communication open in families. But that is often easier said than done. The purpose of Let's Talk is to foster better communication between generations by encouraging frequent "little" non-confrontational conversations. Too often, a talk means a parent lectures, and teens roll their eyes. Or what starts out as an opportunity to talk turns into questions that are answered in monosyllables.

"How was your day?"



Discuss what's going on in The News, think about some of the Conversation Starters and explore A Page from a Diary. Share your responses and practice communicating respectfully. Choose one of the topics below. Ask "what do you think about this? "And see where the conversation takes you. 



Listen with patience and respect. Don’t interrupt or offer advice or try to persuade. Simply listen respectfully and share your opinions when it is your turn to speak.

Give the speaker time to answer. There are no right answers or wrong responses, just the sharing of opinions. 


Respond with interest and curiosity as if you were talking to a friend. 

Discuss a Quotation. Do either or both of you think it is true. Important?

If you are reading one of the Stories or Diary pages, share (briefly) how the writing makes you feel and what you would like to say to the peron who wrote it,  Do either of you know anyone who is dealing with a similar issue?


Talk about just one topic or more than one. Each of you can respond to whatever interests you.


Involve other members of the family in these discussions, or not, whatever works for you.

Have an idea or story you think will spark a conversation?