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Do you have any secret wishes, something you have never said out loud to anyone before?

“Wow, what do I wish for? That is so huge. But here are some things I hope and want.

I hope that one day there will be no wars, no fights, no violence.

I hope that my family and I can live a safe life as immigrants.

I hope that every person is treated fairly. I hope that white people, black people, Chinese people, Indian people, Latino people, all people could just be together and be treated fairly and live in peace.

I hope that every child gets a chance to study and be something.

I see other kids joining gangs and using drugs and doing bad things. I am worried that if I have too much stress, I could turn out to be like them.

I am afraid I am going to get killed by violence.

I have a lot of concerns about my life. I deal with them and I will never give up.

I am 13 and no one has ever asked me about things like this before.'


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