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Proceeds from What I Wish You Knew Conversations with Teens 
are donated to an organization that help families through challenging times.
Choose any organization below and donate directly through their link
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(or both:)

JULY 2020

Our honoree this month is Dr. Mariana Glusman, MD, co-author of What I Wish You Knew: Teens. Dr. Glusman maintains a busy pediatric practice, where she cares for a diverse, multilingual, medically complex, underserved patient population. In addition, she and Medical Director of Reach Out and Read (ROR) Illinois and is the immediate past president of the Illinois Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

 Dr. Glusman has chosen Reach Out and Read   to be our recipient of donations this month. 

Readers, donate here and/or Buy the Book

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JUNE 2020

Class of 2020, this month is in honor of you. The effects of this Coronavirus pandemic have hit you hard. You have been dealing with abrupt goodbyes. school on Zoom, no prom, no sports, virtual graduation. Your job? College plans? Life is so uncertain right now and yet you are dealing with it, most of you with grace and grit and maturity far beyond your years. Out hat is off to you!


Our donation this month was chosen by Maggie Cao, a member of the high school class of 2020 and a new member of the What I Wish You Knew Conversations team. See About Us


Maggie is passionate about cancer research, as this has a special place in her heart. She has chosen the University Chicago Comprehensive Cancer Center in honor of researcHStart, Maggie writes, “I would like to donate to the organization that made researcHStart possible because of its mission to educate tomorrow’s scientists. Now, more than ever, people need our help. Please consider donating directly to “boots on the ground” operations for immediate COVID-19 relief (e.g. securing everyday necessities) for cancer patients and their families. Thank you.” 


This month, all proceeds of the sale of our book will be donated to the organization that Maggie chose.

Readers, please buy the book and/or or donate directly to


MAY 2020


Angelique Ndamage, yours is truly a Story to Tell and I am touched and humbled that you shared it with me. You might not know it, but you were a great impetus for me to found  WHAT I WISH YOU KNEW CONVERSATIONS.

Peter, Sharon, Angelique, Ayuel. wiwyk-l
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At this time of the Global Pandemic and the shortage of food to so many, your generosity will make a profound difference to people we will never meet. You were a genocide survivor and know what is like to be hungry, In your honor, all proceeds of the sale of our book will be donated to the organization that you choseTrees that Feed Foundation.

Readers, please buy the book or donate directly to 


APRIL 2020

 Casey Morgan Luc, this month our donation is in honor of you.


You actively participated in brainstorming the idea of WHAT I WISH YOU KNEW CONVERSATIONS when you were in high school and were instrumental in its completion. You are now  a Master of Public Health Candidate and Volunteer at Yale School of Public Health COVID-19 Contact Investigations Team at Yale School of Public Health. 


At this time in history, you are literally involved in the most important work in the world! I could not be more proud of you and the work that you are doing. In your honor, we support the organization that you chose, 

Readers, please buy the book or donate directly to 


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MARCH 2020

Senator Laura Fine, thank you for your encouragement and kind words below.

 “This is an empowering book that gives us important insight into the thoughts of teens. Parents need to have a more    comprehensive understanding of our children’s thought processes in order to more effectively communicate with them and help them overcome their fears and anxieties. Teens need to know they are loved and respected and that their feelings and concerns are listed to and valued. As an elected official and past Vice Chair of the Mental Health Committee in the Illinois House of Representatives, I know how important it is to work with both teens and experts to find out how we, as a community, can allow and encourage all topics to be openly discussed in our homes, schools and society as a whole. This book is the start of those essential conversations.”

Senator Laura Fine, Illinois

In your honor, we support the organization that you chose,

Readers, please buy the book or donate directly to


Mental Health Association of the North Shore 

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Kate Mahoney, thank you for your insightful impact and for being a contributor to WHAT I WISH YOU KNEW CONVERSATIONS.

“Teens today experience a great deal of stress.  Many teens have wonderful opportunities and are highly accomplished scholars, athletes, musicians and writers. Many teens are very generous with their time and make significant contributions through their outstanding community service.  Many of those same teens are at great risk for substance abuse and other problems.  I have worked with team captains, straight A students, student government leaders and other wonderful teens, who turn to alcohol and other drugs to numb themselves from pain, to make them thin, to keep their energy up so that they can continue to excel, or to create an image that they think will meet the expectations of others.  A lot of teens are really hurting inside, and yet often the people who love them the most…their parents, don’t see the depth of the pain, fear, anxiety or drug use.”


Kate Mahoney, LCSW

Executive Director

Naomi Ruth Cohen Institute for Mental Health Education

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology


In your honor,we support the organization that you chose,

Readers, please buy the book or donate directly to 

 Naomi Ruth Cohen Institute for Mental Health Education 


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Dr. David Royko, thank you for your kind remarks below and for raising awareness of autism in the family. 

"Adolescence is often, to put it lightly, a tough time for teens transitioning to adulthood, and can be just as tough for those who love them, wanting to help but confronted by a developmental stage that tends to make communication a virtual field of landmines.

But for those with the additional, extraordinary challenges addressed by WHAT I WISH YOU KNEW CONVERSATIONS, it is infinitely tougher. This is a book sorely needed, addressing challenging issues head on, and succeeds, with sensitivity combined with no-holds-barred reality. In a word, BRAVO."

David Royko, Psy.D. and parent to Ben, a great guy with severe autism"
Director of Family Mediation Services of Chicago's Circuit Court of Cook County


In honor of Ben Royko, we support the organization you chose, 

Readers, please buy the book or donate directly to 

Lifeworks #parent #families #autism   

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Screenshot 2020-02-06 14.40.50.png


In honor of Judy Krizmanic Weingarten, all proceeds from WHAT i WISH YOU KNEW CONVERSATIONS WITH TEENS  are donated to organizations that are dedicated to helping families through challenging times,a different organization each month.

Readers, please buy the book or donate directly to American Brain Tumor Association 

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